Plant Wish List

I already have a fair bit of plants. To date, I have about 65 or 66 different species of plants. That number doesn’t include the number of physical plants I have. I have a ton of propagates going currently.

My plant babies. Though, I have a few more in my living room. This is the majority of them. (Also an older picture)

That number doesn’t stop me from wanting more though!

Here’s a list of my wishlist plants in no particular order, except alphabetical (kind of)!

  • Aglaonema pictum tricolor 
  • Alocasia cuprea
  • Alocasia baginda silver dragon 
  • Anthurium chamberlainii
  • Anthurium clarinvervium 
  • Anthurium crystalline
  • Brassavola nodosa
  • Calathea beauty star
  • Calathea flame store
  • Calathea Roseopicta Corona
  • Calathea white star
  • Calathea Fasciata or Rotundifolia
  • Calathea medallion 
  • Calathea velvet touch
  • Ctenanthe setosa 
  • Hoya affinis 
  • Hoya callistophylla
  • Hoya Eskimo 
  • Hoya calycina 
  • Hoya curtsii 
  • Hoya platycaulis
  • Hoya undulata 
  • Hoya krohniana 
  • Hoya lockii 
  • Hoya merrillii
  • Licuala Cordata 
  • Monstera siltepacana
  • Monstera dubai
  • Pinguicula reticulata 
  • Pinguicula weser 
  • Pinguicula Tina
  • Pinguicula sethos 
  • Philodendron Florida Beauty
  • Philodendron florida ghost
  • Pothos beccarianus
  • Rhaphidophora Cryptantha
  • Stromanthe triostar 

As you can see, I have a lot of plants I want. What can I say, I am a full blown plant dad. I feel like I won’t be able to get any of these plants until I get my own home, where I can make sure I have the space necessary for them. Can’t wait for that day to come!

What are some of your wishlist plants?

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