Water is incredibly important for life.

Without water, nothing will be able to survive.

This is especially true for plants.

Water helps transport nutrients up and down a plant due to the differences in pressure within the plant.

The biggest thing issue people have with water is the overuse of it. People tend to think that all plants require water every single day. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Most plants will drown.

Yes, you read that correctly. Drown.

Most plant roots will not be able to withstand staying in water, unless they are grown within water. Water restricts gas exchange within the roots, essentially drowning the plant slowly.

In general, water your plants less. Think about how the plant would survive in nature. The plant itself doesn’t get watered on a regular schedule. They are subjected to the weather patterns of the area they are growing in. That means they can go for weeks without water and have evolved ways to store as much water as possible.

Considering we have these plants in enclosed pots of various materials, if we constantly keep water in their pots, the water won’t be able to go anywhere and it will just sit in the pot. At this point, the roots of the plant will suffer from root, effectively killing your plant. Some plants do like sitting in water, or prefer wetter soils. Properly do your research on the plant you are purchasing to find out what kind of environment in naturally lives in.

Something to consider is humidity as well. Most of our indoor houseplants are tropical plants, meaning that the air is usually a lot more moist than our traditional indoor homes, especially once air condition and heat are introduced.

When in doubt, water less. Let your plant dry out, and water when the soil is about 1 inch dry from the surface. Buy a humidifier for an increase in humidity in the air.